Friday, July 3, 2009


I jsut thought id share this photo...
Im a "real" biker now...
I have real biker boots (Hand-me-down from Son but they are mine!!)
and real gloves.. bought these myself!!
Well, I didnt actually "buy" them persa, I put them on my husbands account!!! lol
You can just see the scuff marks on the boot where i came of last weekend..
Well, not come off, but dropped the damn thing, and it fell ontop of me!!!

Here is one final layout for the
SCrap with V CC
This was the Shabby Chic page...
Challenge 2 i think...

1 comment:

BrigitteG said...

hehehe you are soo funny Jodi ! :)
and looove this LO, love the colour you've used for it :)


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