Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There's a New addition to the Family

My son reached another mile stone in growing up today
He bought his first car,
got his own loan with no parental guarantor
A Suzuki Swift.... 2009 model.

Here he is proud as punch
Its just a tiny little rice bubble of a car...
With a hatch back, no bum!!
But its a double decker boot!!! There is a fake kinda bottom that slide out to find even more storage space!!
So it was off to the record shop today too to get some CDs for the new sterio in the car.
He has been using an ipod in the old exploder as it only had a tape deck!!!
Lets see how long it stays a noice shiny black!!!
Uncle Gary has got some mags waiting for him soon too.

1 comment:

Zanes Blog said...

Lookin good, congrat's to Josh. It's a nice little car. He won't know himself now. He might even have to make the time to visit his relo's in Port now!


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