Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Chistmas To All!

After the "FUN" that Stu and Emelia had last night
it was a very steady morning this morning!!
But it didnt stop the free for all!!

Lots of paper on the floor!
And empty boxes!
The usual look on Christmas Day!!

Here is Christmas 2005
All looks the same....

How time flies......

But back to Christmas 2010
Just as much mess, but rather than barbie swimming pools and
Brats dolls and Lego

There are TV,s XBOX360 Kinect, lots of DVDs
Lots of Lollies
and lots of sloggan tshirts!!!

Santa also took this opportunity to give Emelia lots of stuff for her
Emerald College, like fencing plyers and work gloves, boot polishing kit, sewing kit
and thats what her TV is for...
Stu was very very happy to receive a new grill for his ute, levers for his bike, oils and lube
and all kinda blokey things...
Joshua got a little bit of his childhood back with some LEGO
But its big boy HALO Lego!!

Emelia was under the thought that Santa forgot she wanted a tv
so was very happy when she unwrapped it!!

She also got a very sparkly belt!!
Heaps of huge rhinsestones on it!
Very impracticle, but very nice!!

Emelia bought me some "Adults Only" items!!
Talk about laugh!
So hilarious that she would do that!!!
Joshua bought me the first series of V, and Emelia was very generous!
She has her own money and spent way too much
she bought me the first and second series of True Blood!!
And also the bottle of Versace Perfume!!!

And Stu bought me this!!!
Xbox360 Kinect!
Have you seen the fitness stuff on these!! OMG!
I cant wait to get started!
I was wanting one for stretching and stuff as i am having problems with my feet that probably stems from my fat arse!!!! But this is so much more!!  It aslo have ZUMBA!!!
So hopefully along with my good firend Jenny Craig
We might be looking at the old Jodi again this time next year!
Rather than the heffer that i see looking back at me each morning!
Dont know when she turned up, but she has to go!!!!

The good thing about hangovers...
Is that there was no cooking for this little black duck today!
Might have to nake tomorrow our fancy chrismtas day food!
No one was eating anything today!! lol

Note: I know i dont share many piccies of Josh, but he just wont let me take them! I get so annoyed with him about it! I have told him when i am old and he has his own kids and there arent many photos of him he is not to blame me!!! Actaully we have a $100 bet on it. That he goes crook about the lack of photos!!


Brenda said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time opening your gifts from you say it's hard to tell the difference between the 5 year old pictures and the new ones!

Enjoy your boxing day lunch......hope you are all feeling well enough after recovery yesterday!

Joanne said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas and Christmas eve was so funny. Thanks for sharing.


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