Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bon Jovi Concert - Sydney!!! There and back in 1 day!

 Bridgette and i did a quick (yeh right!) trip to Sydney yesterday
to see BON JOVI
at the Sydney Football Stadium!
I plotted the course very carefully on google maps and using the satalite images
so i knew exactly where i was going and what it would look like!!!
I was driving and Bridge was navagating!
and all was going well until we discovered that we had been driving for an hour, at the speed limit
but google maps said that it was only about 30kms!!
We had taken a wrong something!!
We still dont know what happened!!!
So frustrating!!

Then we turned on 2 nav mans plus the satalite feature on my iphone
and we made our way back to the route we needed to be on
at which time the traffic was so thick!!!
We were so frustrated!!

 Bridge learnt a few choice new phrases!!
Emelia did warn Bridge though that
"Mum gets really angry and swears and yells when she gets lost"!!!
LOST!! OMG! We so got more than lost!!!
Here is Bridge crying!!
(She isnt really, cause she was being brave!!)

But we finally got there!
After a very illegal U turn infront of on coming traffic
with horns beeping at me!
(At this point i was beyond being a polite driver!!)
And then i turned into the car park from the wrong lane that they had cordened off!!
That werent going to stop me!
And my rudeness paid off!
A lovely concert goer pointed out a park for me right near our gate!
So Bridge and i got out and BON JOVI
was already playing!!!
I cant beleive we planned everything so carefully
to arrive at 5pm!
We got there about 8.30!!

So we did a quick change and make up in the car park
and off we went!

Got to the gate and security wouldnt let me take my camera in because it had a detashable lenze!
What the hell is wrong with that!
So we had to take it back to the car
and i had to rely on my iphone!!!

So here we are finally in and dancing to their third song!!

And we danced and clapped and danced and claped!

The crowd was HUGE
 And then there was Jon!!
OMG, so gorgeous!!! 
And they are so into what they do!!!  I think they really enjoyed entertaining us!!

Bridge and i got home about 5.00am this morning!
Took no time at all to get out of the city!
By the time we reached Quirindi we were both seeing double!!
But we made it!
And it was so worth all the screaming and the swearing!!!
And it was so nice to spend so much time one on one with Bridge
we talked to whole way there and the whole way home!!

So when is the next one??


Anonymous said...

haha nice story :) cool pics too could you send some to me PLEASE
Thanks so much for driving you did a fab job xx
Sexy Jon rocks mmmmm mmmmmm xx

Amanda said...

glad you got there in the end ... but how on earth did you manage to go the wrong way with all that navigation equipment?? Where did you end up??

lindy said...

Glad you gopt there in time...funny story but looks a great show


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