Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flooding In Gunnedah.......

 What was shaping up to be a grea year for Gunnedah farmers has certainly had a reminder of the harsh reality that is this country!!!
This was going to be a mortgage busting year!
And for those people like my husband who rely on farming income,
it was also going to be a little relief after the years of drought we have had...
But alas, it wasnt to be!
Harvest is usually December and this month has been really wet!
December so far has been 165mm of rain
with 92 of it falling this week!
Its very wet!

Here is a very small rural outlook.
 Its just too wet to get the harvesters in to remove the grain
Some farms have been lucky and the days there have been no rain, have been really hot and drying thing up fast.. But most of the grain has been downgraded to feed wheat, meaning less money per tonne and also the tonnage is less as the grain loses quality.

Here are some views around town...
This is overlooking the Namoi River the water has broken the banks..

You can see in the photo below, its come into the residental areas..

This is the street that was in the previous picture..
The kids are having a great time though...
All of the houses are built up.

This photo is the next street down...

We live way up on the hill, but it does come rocketing down the hill and quiet often we can have a few inches of water running through our back sheds.  A few times the water has come up onto the back deck, but it hasnt come into the house!  It just comes down the hill so fast!
The council has built a bit of a levy behind us, but its isnt maintained at all and Stuart has contacted them on several occations to tell them that it has been washed away...

Lets hope its never an issue!
But you have to feel for the many epople that are effected by it!
It blows me away that its either flooding or drought!!

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