Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Kangaroo Hunter

 I have to share this story with you cause its so funny!!!
I went up to check Solo today
and noticed him flying down the paddock!!
In hot pursuit of two kangaroos!!!

I jumped the fence and he came running over to me...
But rather than going to the feed shed, which is what i am "supposed to do" (According to fatso)
I went up the back just to make sure he was chasing and not running away!!
He was chasing!
As we were walking up there some more kangaroos jumped out
and he jumped around and throw the legs out jumping, buking and farting
and took off in hot pusuit again chasing them out of his paddock!!!

Anyway, i had to move his water trough,
so i picked it up to empty the water and out and i said to Solo
"Give me a hand with this will you"
Because he is human and can understand,
so he comes over and puts his head under where i am lifting it and pushes it up!
he is a good boy!!

So i am pulling it up the hill and solo is behind pushing it for me.
We stop to catch our breath and then head out again..
Until more kangaroos dare venture into his territory!
Then he ditched the water trough and he is off again!!!!

I caught him coming back to me from chasing the kangaroos and managed to get a couple of photos..
 Here he is bolting back to help me..

But he has spotted some more roos and he is off again, jumping and farting...

 He is running around chasing them flat out!
It was so funny at one stage, he has jumped up and taken off so fast he has nearly slipped arse over tit and because he is so fat at the moment he really struggled to keep himself up!!
Its so funny!!!

 But after all the running around, i think its so sweet that he just comes walking up for a pat and a cuddle and to be told what a good boy he is for chasing the roos out!!!
He was so puffed!!
I had the hose over the fence to fill the tubb up, so i hosed him down and the thought that was lovely!
Had a bit of a play in the water and a roll!
He loves to play!
I had an old car mat over the fence so i could jump it and he was biting it and decided to take it away and kill it!!!..... I wonder where i will find that car mat tomorrow...
He is so special!


phillipa said...

Love this story Jodi! No wonder he is so fat...look at all that beautiful grass he has to eat!!!

lindy said...

Thats funny Jodi!i can only imagine how funny he looked ...thats amazing he understands too..


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