Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Jounral Day 2 - 5

Its been a hugely busy few days i can tell you!!!!
Day 2 of December saw the offer of two new scrapbooking positions as i have already shared...
OMG and that has been so busy!
Random talented scrapbookers from all over the world are getting strange emails from this weird woman about new Digi Mag!! Too funny!
But i am gettng there, its nearly all put together now... Phew...
Also on Thursday it was time to set up the tree..
So Emelia and I did that
and put a few bits and pieces around..

I bought Bambi and Faline's Twin Fawns... arnt they adorable...
Its been raining for most of December so far!!!!

Then on Saturdau Night it was Jacks Annual Christmas Party...
Got all dulled up.... and so did everyone,,

So we did a photo shoot!!

OMG this was so funny!!!
It took a bit to get us all in the selfie shot!!

 There was alot of cheek by some poeple!!!!

 Jack felt a wet thing in her ear??

 Di was getting up to mischief with the little cherub!!!
Poor little thing lost its innoscence... lol

There was so much laughing going on...
Stu came up from our place after being at another christmas party
and said he could hear the cackling 2 block away!!!

 But eventually we got a couple we could use....

And all this went on before this started!!!

But we missed Brenda, she couldnt come as she was at a work christmas party!! :(

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lisaschaos said...

Looks like loads of fun was had by all! I love the deer twins! :0)


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