Saturday, July 16, 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter....

I get really emotional about Harry
and its totally silly really!!

But Harry represents the childhood of my son Joshua.
Josh got his very first Harry Potter book when he was 7 years old..
He was thought too young to understand the book at the time.
There was so much controversy!
Do you remember at all?
Schools were up in arms about our children being influenced by witchcraft
and this story of evil!
But they totally missed the point!
This story was about empowerment!
It was about a young boy, raised by people who weren't his parents
and treated dreadfully
and how he was empowered by a magical community
to be all he could be to save them!!!

I remember as it is with boys
that i always struggled to find some common ground with Josh.
So we could have something fun to talk about and not just his mum nagging at him all the time.
So i too read Harry Potter books,
and then we could talk about them together.

We played the Harry Potter games and played the Harry Potter cards..
We learnt all the spells
and would talk to Harry Potter language.
It was part of our family...

So today, with my 21 year old son we went to watch the final movie!
And I am so sad!

Not because the movie is sad, its a celebration,
but because its the end of a generation!
We have had 14 years of reading Harry Potter Books
waiting for Harry Potter Releases
Watching Harry Potter Movies
and waiting for the next Harry Potter movie!

What am i going to talk about to my son now....
He is into Online games now, and unfortunately, I dont have the time, dedication or inclination to play those to have something to talk to him about!
I took up Archery so i could talk to him about something, and then i took up motorbike riding so i had something to talk about with him.... But i draw the line at gaming!
I have way too addictive a personalty!!!

Maybe this is it now until he starts breeding and needs my advice....
One can only live in hope...
Good bye to the childhood of my son!!! 
Goodbye Harry Potter!!

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Di Garling said...

Oh Jodi, you have just bought me to tears as I too have a son (now 25) that has grown up with Harry Potter & I know exactly how you feel, it is the end of an era!!!The end of a part of my sons childhood. Who would have thought all those years ago when the whole saga began that it would have become so popular & lasted this long.
I would love you to read a piece
my son so beautifully wrote on his blog about this very subject. Please take the time to go over & read it because I know you will absolutely relate to it. His blog is now he posted this about 8 months ago so you have to go onto the second page to find it, but it is a beautifully written piece that I think is worth the effort to look at. Thanks for making me feel "warm & fuzzy". Cheers Di xx


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