Friday, July 8, 2011

Kaisercraft New Releases - Little Toot Collection

Now that all my
Little Toot Collection 
has been shown on the Kaisercraft Blog
I will also share it here with you....

Here is my layout:
Slip, Spin. BANG"
Remember when Josh slipped on some oil that was on a wet road? What a perfect line of papers for this photo with the street signs and things!
I added the misted tree as he banged into a tree too.... Kinda added to the story!

I love these photo frames
I actually have one here that i haven't used for ages,
but now that i did for this months new releases, I will also use the one i have sitting here!
They are the perfect thing for presents!!!
I have also shared a tip on the Kaiser blog about putting them together, so be sure to check it out!

Here is the revised version of a card i did  for this range..
"You're 3"
Complete with correct spelling!!

And anyone who knows me at all
knows that i am not a card maker!!
I did reveal this to Kaisercraft in my application for the design team!
I was upfront about it!
The cards that i do are very simple... But I am working on this! I have been scanning blogs of some awesome card makers including my dear friend Lindi, and have bought some magazine with different how to card techniques, so hopefully as the year progresses, you will see more and more adventurous cards from me!

To share something personal:
I have kept my blog since 2005, and it is my diary. As i have mentioned on here time and time again, that this is my life, my exact life. There are no shows of something that i am not!
What you see is what you get complete with warts and all. That includes bad spelling and pronunciation!
Id like to think that as time goes on I will get better with that, but it just hasn't! And that's me im afraid!
So when i did my very first blog post for Kaiser and it featured a card with Your 3, rather than You're 3 and it came to my attention through the gutless use of a "smack blog" I was devastated!
It wasn't that they thought my card was crap! I mean hey, i made the team and you didn't so get a life you know! But the fact that they pointed out a spelling error that no one else picked up on before it was published! I was devastated and so embarrassed!
But i do feel better that i did make international smack blog!!! Thats a pretty big thing you know!! Hehe. I said to my husband, "So does that mean I'm famous now?" Haha
I did follow all the links to see who one of the contributors of this dreadful way to have a say is and she claims that she is a stay at home mum who suffers with ADHD and she "deals!!". I had a laugh to myself, if this is her way of dealing than she isn't very good at it! By entertaining herself my rubbishing other artists anonymously is the lowest form of entertainment if you ask my opinion! 


phillipa said...

WTG Jodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx

lindy said...

Oh Jodes!! another place ur famous for ha! lol!!! i agree you've said this time and time again we get the real you ...

Mrs Frizz said...

gorgeous creativity ... and don't put yourself down with your card making skills ... they look awesome to me and the recipient of said cards would be absolutely stoked to receive them.

So, if you need my address ... lol.

annette said...

up her nose with a rubber hose ..Jodi,
haven't visited for a while & let me tell you I love & have always loved your work & your honesty .. you go girl .. cheers

Aeryn Kelly-Reitmeyer said...

Just wanted to let you know that I didn't create the smack blog, it's been around longer than I've been scrapping, nor did I post the link to your misspelled card, nor did I make a comment on the quality of said card. But it's nice to know you jump to conclusions, and you're once again being talked about there, so congratulations.

Toni said...

Some people need a life... I mean really...
You go girl... your work is fabulous!

Vicki Morris said...

Just love your little toot creations - oh very cute. I have finally updated my blog and added yours to my list so I will be able to stalk you easier now!!


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