Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sundae that Wasn't....

Brenda and I had planned a lovely day out today!!
We looked at the screenings for the Cinema and saw that 
"Bridesmaids" were on in the Gold Pass Cinema...
The Gold Pass Cinema has reclining chairs, food served to you like cheese platters,
or nashos, or anything you might like that you can eat at the Cinema...
Also you can have drinks delivered too, like wines etc.

So here we are sitting up waiting for our movie to start!

We laughed at the shorts
and reclined our chairs and got comfy.....
Then the waitress bought our orders...
We got Malteezer Sundae's....
(Yum! I would imagine they would be anyway!!!)

Here we are enjoying the thought of eating our Sundae's....

Then the Waitress came back and told us to leave
the movie was cancelled!
Go and get a refund!!!
Everyone yells "We dont want a refund, we want the movie!!!"
Talk about disappointed!!!
Because you cant go to the Gold Pass with Kids!
Its 18 and over only!
Neither of us have had the opportunity yet to go to the Gold Pass!!!!
And when we do, they cancel it!!
Not Happy!
We had to hand the Sundae's back as we couldn't take them with us cause they were in their glasses!!!

So that's the Sundae that Wasn't!!!


Debbie Lawrence said...

Oh Jodes, killing myself laughing here. Sorry. I'm sure it could only happen to you. When you get the chance go back, bridesmaids is hilarious.

Kirsty said...

ARGH! How disappointing!!!!!

Brenda said...

At least we got to go shopping!

phillipa said...

Lol!!! Oh my God sorry but that is soooo funny!! What a bugger though!!

passion4pink said...

Haha what a scream,thats funny!!!sorry i would have asked them to pour my icecream in a papercup for sure!!


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