Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Color Room #65

I very rarely have photos to scrap of Josh
So when i saw this colour palette at 
the colour room!
I thought id better take advantage of it!
Hmm, ok in theory!!!

The only things i had in these colours are what are on the page!!
They were so hard to use too!
But this is what i came up with

"Please Josh"

The photo is a very rare photo of my son Josh sitting at the tea table and that little fluffy black creature in the bottom right corner of the photo is our cat Conan. He puts his little paws on Josh's hand asking for some morsels from his plate! He is so hard done by this cat!!! lol Like all cats i suppose!!

This was the palette


lindy said...

h Jodes this is stunning love the pic ...excatly what mine does do geez they are pathetic aren't they lol!!!

Judy B said...

This is lovely!!!


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