Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Action Packed Day!

How nice was it today to spend it with Big Little Kids!!!
You may recall that i have been "Borrowing" my friends children recently for outings due to mine being too grown up, or away at college!!!

Well, today I borrowed Brenda's kids for a day out....
and we had so much fun!!!

First we went to the movies. I thought we would go and see the new CARS2 movie.
But i was outvoted and we saw this one instead...

Seriously funny and cool movie!!!
Im so glad we went to this one instead!!!

Then we headed over to ride the Segways!!
I didnt ride them of course, and neither did Emelia, but Ryan and Meagan totally enjoyed them!!

Here is Meagan,
once she got her balance she was off like a shot!!!
So easy to ride (Well it looked it!! lol)

And here is Ryan,
later he even got the hang of leaning right into the corners too!!!
And they also let him loose in the arcade and not just in the one room!!!

Emelia stayed with me outside and watched from the sidelines...

Then after a visit with Mum,
we came home and took the kids up to the horse paddock
so Meagan could meet Solo.
Meagan is an almost keen horsewoman!!!

She got up behind Emelia and they went for a walk around the paddock.

Solo didn't mind it at all.

He was pretty sure Ryan was good for a feed though!!!

As you can see we squeezed alot into one day!!
It will be another big day tomorrow too. Mum, Emelia and I are off to Narrabri to see Matthew and do some stuff with him, he is settling into his new home ok...


phillipa said...

Sounds like you had a fun day Jodes. Lurve the photo of Emelia, it's beautiful!! xx

Anonymous said...

aww nice day for you guys xx hey where in tamworth is the segways, might take the girls xxx


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