Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle again......

Its been a while since this big boy has seen any kind of girth around his fat tummy!
Since September last year as a matter of fact!
But this week, he has had the uncomfortable pressure of a saddle on his back and a tight girth on his tummy!!!

Here they are getting ready for a ride today!

Emelia rode him with the all purpose saddle during the week
and she took him up Wandabah where she always rides him,
but there is a bit of work going on and trucks
and dogs barking
and lots of distractions!
He didnt like it at all! And put his head  down and seriously gave it to Emelia!
As she said, she is so glad she learnt to ride on Solo
there is nothing he can give her that will throw her off!!
She just rode him out as he bucked out his dislike of being around so many unusualiness

I love this photo
He is trying to nibble at me, while Emelia is tightening his girth!
He looks like he is saying "Save Me!!"

But he is such a softee,
wanting to cuddle the whole time she is trying to get him saddled

And here they are ready to go!
He tried to give it to her again today!!
This is a good photo too, it shows both her modes of transport!

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