Saturday, April 3, 2010

Emelia's Last School Horse Sports Day

Last Friday 26th we headed to Manilla
for the School Horse Sports Day
This was Emelia's last sports day
as she finished up Year 11 last week.

Here is Stu and Bryan solving the worlds problems
Its a rare thing to have Stu on the grounds
in the capacity of spectator!!
Emelia did really well.
But not called in or anything
(I have an opinion on that!! Which will be evident with a following post!)
We've grown Solo's main
and this is the first time we've plaited it all up
He was a good boy and stood while we did it.
He slowing learning to tuck for his Hack events.
Emelia and Loren won a fifth in the pairs event.
Look at the scenery!!
It was a beautiful spot to camp.
We were there for three days.
The Horse Sport Day
Greg Swain Jumping Day
and the Gymkana

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