Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Celebrating the life of Marnie

We attended Marnie's sad memorial service
on Monday 22nd March at Lismore.
It was a beautiful service.
Stu and Jude wrote the eulogy
and planned it all.
Then it was back to Marnie and Jims place for the Wake.
We took advantage of everyone being together
for the first time in alot of years
and we also got some cute photos of the kids...
Theres only 5 grandkids from a family of three children.
Beth is the oldest and Emelis ins the youngest...
This them all being sweet!
I love this photo of the kids with Jim.
Despite the sadness of the day and the many tears shed,
Grandad really enjoyed his family around him
There were some beautiful floral tributes.
This is one i got from Ness and her family..
So thoughtful of her, thanks Ness.
It was beautiful
There was a 1.2metre long wreath of native floral
So beautiful!!
I told Stu this is what i want too....
I loved these white things,
not the lilys, but the ones behind them..
Fluffy ones...
What are they called?
Despite the occasion and the sadness
how wonderful was it to be surrounded by


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