Thursday, March 11, 2010


Look what turned up today!!!!
My PRIMA prize!!
There is heaps of stuff in here ive never seen before!!!
I cant wait to start using them!!
Thanks so much PRIMA!! Yay
And some new editions to the family!!
I bought these guys from Brenda!!
She makes the totally BEST little creatures!!!
This one is for Emelia
It is her Wisdom Owl and looks over her test
to impart knowledge when she is
doing her homework!!!
This one was going to be Solo's
But she is too gorgeous!!
Love her red beakstick!!!!
She looks over me and imparts her wisdom to me...


lindy said...

Awesome prize Jodes...Absolutley Fabulous
Love the owls

passion4pink said...

Lucky you!!! I really must buy one of these cute owls for christmas pressies. I will!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

WOW! Who's a lucky girl then!!! And you are going to store all this where??? (-: Can't wait to see what you create with all this.

aussiescrapper said...

Wow Jodi, this is an awesome array of wonderful goodies, I hope you had a happy birthday, could almost say you got this gorgeous rak from prima for your 21st....PS. I am 42 in two weeks and you certainly do not look your age and I have a sneaking suspiscion you don't act it either, believe me this attitude keeps you young.

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