Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally, some kinda family news to share....

Well, its all been kinda boring lately
at Jodi's Scraphaven..
But today i have something exciting and some photos...

We picked up Emelias Deb Dress Yesterday..
I know this isnt the best photo!
and thats deliberately
But its enough to get a peak!!!!

Its so totally adorable
and looks gorgeous on her..
Her deb is in June this year..

Also, some more horsey photos..
He is so fat!!!
Emelia is attempting to get on him and ride him to the paddock in the halter
Up on the Archery Butt
(Going back to Archery too this year I am!!)
Solo is in a bit of a hurry!!!
And off they go......
Home for a feed!!


Kirsty said...

Oooooh, her dress looks gorgeous!

aussiescrapper said...

Emelia's dress and shoes looks gorgeous and Solo is just beautiful, wow how lucky to have her very own pony.

Ness said...

Emelia is such a beautiful girl and her dress looks stunning, I can't wait to see the pic's of her in June.
Love Ness xx

heirloomscrapping said...

That dress looks so pretty

Solo well Jodie I think a serious diet needs to happen her he is looking awesome and his coat doesn't seemed to have started turning yet they are all turning down here


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