Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fare the Well my front tooth............

You know how when we get pregnant,
some woman have teeth problems??
Well, Im one of those woman.
When i fell pregnant with Joshua
I got a huge abscess on my front tooth
overnight my face just swelled up like a balloon!!!
Was so scary!
Anyway, i went to the dentist
(who was this half wit import)
and he didn't even know what to do, sent me home...
So in the years past then, i have has a growth on the front of my gum
that varies in sizes.
After i had Emelia, the tooth was starting the change colour
and then eventually died.
So the dentist ended up doing root canal surgery
and pulled the nerve out (Or whatever it is they do)
packed up the root with this stuff and bobs your uncle.
Then for some reason, the tooth just cracked in half
right down the middle.
So the tooth had to be removed,
(The roots remained)
And i now have a full crown.
Now the whole in the root that the post goes into is
failing. I've had it re-glued like 6 times over the past couple pf years and 4 times in the last 6 months.
So its time for it to go and i have to have an implant.
Thats where they surgically implant a titanium post into your jaw
and they screw a tooth onto it.
Its a process that takes about 4 months.
Today i had a fitting for a temporary denture..
And tomorrow, the whole thing gets removed!!!
Im a bit scared, but also really really sad.
Im so fanatical about my teeth
I've had some really shoddy dentists over the times
and i don't have many teeth left.
So i treasure the ones i do have.

So in commemoration of my tooth
i had my own little ceremony.....

So here i am
the last photo with my front tooth
And then a commemorative balloon release
There they go.......
Goodbye tooth...
So tomorrow, i am spending the morning
strapped to a dentist chair.
I've been told to bring a book, so im expecting the process will take a while..
What a great birthday present!!!


Joanne said...

Good luck with your tooth tommorrow I hope all goes well.

Ruth said...

Gosh you have my sympathy!!
My Hubby has terrible trouble with his teeth and his Mum had to have ALL of hers removed when she was pregnant as the babies stole the calcium.....I just hope my kids inherit my familys teeth and not his!!
Someone once said to use false nail glue for sticking it back in but I guess your new tooth will be better than the one that falls out all the time....My Hubby has lost 2 of those at £400.00 each!!

Good Luck you will look gorgeous!!

passion4pink said...

OMG it is very sad to lose teeth,BUT you will be happy with the result I 'm sure! A friend of mine has had a coupleof implants and she can't wait to have more done, only thing stopping her is the cost. She 's like the cheshire cat now grinning from ear to ear LOL

Annette said...

sorry to read about tooth troubles
wishing for great success with your implant .... have a happy birthday may it be filled with joyful surprises xx

aussiescrapper said...

Oh my, that is awful, I have just had my back molar packed, and if it comes out (it cracked too) they said I have to get a crown, which i think will hurt my wallet more than sitting in that chair. I never thought that pregnancy could have caused my teeth to become like this.

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