Wednesday, March 10, 2010

21 Today.............................x 2

Today i turned 21...... x 2

This is me last year.....
This is me today.......
(You can now start to see that i am finally loosing weight!! Yay)
The day started out with an 8.15am Doctors Appointment
They removed my tooth....
Very sad :(

I now have this mouth guard thing with a tooth in it for the next
four months...
And talk about bleed!! Omg!!
I didn't stop until about 2.00pm.
I had three doses on Panadine Forte!!
Had to have a sleep
and had to cancel my lunch with Brenda and Jack...
So i think we are going to do my birthday on Friday
when i am feeling more socialable!! lol

Stu handed me my lovely gift at like 6.00am!!
He bought me this gorgeous pendant!!
And Mum got me the hearts charms...
Totally adorable!!
As Stu & Emelia were attending TAFE
Josh & I had take away pasta for tea from
Wild Orchards and it was so Yummy!!!
Then we topped it off with some birthday cake!

Josh sung me happy Birthday when i blew out the candle!!
Jack bought me down some adorable flowers
and a awesome chocolate fondu fountain!!
Hmmm, gonna takle that one!
With some beautifully smellies
and her daughter Luce made me a lovely card!!

Got heaps of txts from my wonderful friends
so all in all it wasn't too bad a day really....

Thanks to everyone for all the messages Mwah!


Tany Sol said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jodi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jodi,
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Lots of hugs and best wishes,
Love Jules.

Joanne said...

Happy birthday Jodi I hope you had a great day.


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