Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Long Weekend? Yeh Right....

It was the long weekend...
That just meant WORK for me!!!
On Friday i was setting up this gorgeous Wedding....
Hot Pink and Black..
What a contrast against the white silk lining of the marquee
and it was in the most beautiful location..
Check out the photos on my wedding blog here

The amongst many other functions,
i got some photos of this one for Sunday.
I was up at 5.30am and out at the farm to pull down the pink wedding
and then back into town to get this function done
by mid morning...
Then headed to the show ground as
Emelia had the first rally day for the year.
It was a great roll up.
You would think after last weekends three days
worth of riding, Solo would have been worn out.
Nope, he has discovered a new little sport now..
He wasn't raring this weekend..
He was bucking!!!
he doesnt do it to get her off, he just does it as a way of protest i think.
I keep telling Emelia to get him tired first and he wont argue
it only takes like 15 minutes of circles!!
But shed rather chat!!
So be it!!
So Solo bucked his way around the jumps for the first few rounds,
so they didn't allow her to jump any higher!!
But she was never in any danger.
Daniel wanted to experience Solos bucking,
so he got on and did the one thing he HATES
the Barrels!!!
But Solo flew around them with no argument.
I think he liked having his head.
Daniel got off a bit shaken....
He wasn't used to the pumping of Solos little legs going flat out!!
Here is a layout I started about three weeks or so ago
that's how long since i have scrapped.
It was for the Prima Sketch for March,
but i didn't finish it in time....
"Hoop & Heels"
Its been so hectic, i cant even tell you!
Today was the first time in a month i got to clean the house!!
Stu is away again with his Dad,
so I am going to try to get back into routine while he is gone
start cooking again and generally
get things back to normal
Its been so hard since Marnee passed away....
So much emotion and challenges
But it just takes time i suppose.
I have had to take a month reprieve from my scrapping obligations.
I just haven't been able to cope with everything and i have had to let go of the things i can let go if you know what i mean.
I look so forward to getting stuck into scrapping again
I have heaps of great photos too now!!!
Hopefully soon.


lindy said...

Oh what a busy time you' ve had ...gorgeous layouts Jodes

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Finally - my computer is going to let me leave a post! I've tried several times but it keeps crashing. Jodi, please pass my condolences on to your family. Hang in there - there is light at the end of the tunnel. And don't worry about the housework - it's not going anywhere. And in the big scheme of things - it's not even important. Enjoy your scrapping - I'm here if you need to talk. Big hugs, Jules.

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