Sunday, April 25, 2010

Once upon a time...............

What seams like decades ago...
but was in fact 2006!!!
I used to be pretty damn good at archery!!!
Here i am having my successes
reported about in the Australia Post Magazine
Id just come back from the World Titles
and had won a gold in my division....
Plus numerous National Titles
and National Teams Titles...
This is a group photo (Partial)
anyway at the World Title..
Im in there, you can see my eyes and forehead!!

Such was my success, that i was interviewed for the news
And my arrows were shown....
But the news said they were my husbands arrows,
but they were MINE
Was filmed doing my thing....
Of course, that feels like 100 years ago now....
I went out to archery today
and we shot IFAA
this is the round that i won the world title in.
We shot at the same distance as the above photo.....
where all my arrows were in the A Zone
Its amaising how much difference a few years make!!!
Its like my arrows were repelled by the A Zone!!
But there is nothing wrong with the left to right though!!!
But its all in good fun!
It poured rain,
I got soaking wet!!!!
So we picked up out bows and arrows and went back to camp!
After only 8 targets!!!
I came home, had a lovely hot shower
and read for the afternoon...
I love reading in bed on a rainy day...
or any day for that matter...
or night!! Im not fussy!!!

Im reading another Teen Vampire book at the moment
Really different
Very religious kind of undertones
i would think a bit deep for a teen
but its written by a bloke
Christopher Pike...
I cant wait to see where it takes me..


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