Friday, April 30, 2010

Its Show Time

Its show time in Gunnedah
And Emelia has a very huge palette
Today was show jumping and Dressage Pas De Deux
First up was the 45cm..
Clear round in a fast time
but not fast enough for the ribbons
See Solo's new headband...
Ins't it adorable!!
Its so sparkly!!
We bought it on ebay!
Then the 60cm
The rotten sod knocked the first jump!
Emelia was so disappointed!
The onto the Pas De Deux
Which is a Dressage Test designed by the riders
they dress up and do it to music.
Their song was
Thank god im a country boy
Hence the flanellees and boots
They didn't get time to practise this together
so they did really well with a 5th place!!

Also, look at the moon tonight!!
Its so big and clear!

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