Thursday, April 15, 2010

Movie Review "The Last Song"

Emelia and i went to Tamworth on Tuesday
to buy some shoes
and go to the pictures.
I wanted to see Alice in Wonderland
but Emelia wanted to see Miley Cyrus.
So we saw "The Last Song"
Miley was typical Miley,
I don't think she acts as much as she just plays
herself and says these lines if you know what i mean.
Though not in a negative way,
it just seams so like her.
Liam the boyfriend is totally adorable
as he is in all his movies..
The story though is so sad!!
I wasn't expecting a sad movie.
The audience was opening bawling!!
The girls behind us were sobbing their little
pre teen hearts out!!!
But it was a very enjoyable movie
and a great one for these teenage girls
that think the world revolves around them
and they don't see what is happening
to the people they love around them.

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