Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playing Dress ups

Emelia is entering the Miss Junior Showgirl this year....
and we realised to day the ball is NEXT WEEKEND!!
OMG!! What to wear!!
The only formal thing in her wardrobe was this....
Guess when she last wore it???
When i say that my kids don't grow, i mean that literally!!
She may have gotten taller, but shes about the same width
as when she was 8!!!
Too funny!!
But i think we might have to find something more appropriate!!!

Hubby has been shopping this week.....
When he first went back into bikes, he had this totally sexy Buell!!
It was black and gold and LOUD!!!
This week he bought this bike!!!
Its a girls bike!!!
But apparently its not a girls bike!!!
I dunno, anything not black looks the same to me!!! lol
(I am so going to get into trouble!!!)

Also, on a side note!!!
Who watched the Biggest Loser tonight!!!
I cried all the way through it!
The 42 km Marathon!!
Those guys spat and wheezed through 4 kms at the beginning of the show
some couldnt even finish 200m
and look at them now!!
3 months later!!
Totally inspiring!!
And i know its possible, ive done it myself
But i can so relate to them and i congratulation each one of the contestants!!
Especially the ones eliminated earliest in the competition,
they have had to do this on their own!
Great job everyone!!


Anonymous said...

yep totally I agree with you on the biggest loser those guys are awesome i had a little hayfever myself LOL! i truly hope one of the girls win though or shannon he is a gorgeous guy isnt he
Bridge x

kerry said...

Gosh Jodie she is so tiny.Been thinking of you i hope you are feeling better.Take care Kerry xx


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