Monday, September 28, 2009

Class of '84 School Reunion

This weekend saw our 25 year school reunion at Narrabri
Great night!!!!

I did the decorations.....
Me and Stu got dressed at Jo's (Foges) place....
This is the orange top i talked about a while ago. Couldn't bring myself to wear the crab claw necklace lol. This is one i borrowed from Brenda!!

Which is good considering its long and i was showing a bit of cleavage!!!
Me & Stu
Me & Michelle.
We owed each other a cocktail as we both lost our bets!!!
Here is Stu with his girls...
Your a studd muffin Stu!! lol

1 comment:

Natallie KING said...

Awesome memories Jodi!! Great photos too!!!


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