Sunday, September 6, 2009

For What Its Worth

Did you see the first final of Idol tonight??
I have to admit, this is the first year i have followed it..
But since they took Big Brother from me, i have to do
something where i can vote
for the winner!! lol

There were 5 that i totally loved tonight!!!

I cant separate these guys!!!!
Just love them all!!!
KATE - 1902 555572
HALEY - 1902555564
TOBY - 1902555569
CASEY - 1902555563
But joining my four favotires is
KIM - 1902555570
I havnt taken much notice of Kim upto this week!!!
So there are my top!!!
Who are you liking this year???

Dont forget my blog candy
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Julie said...

I must admit I have started watching idol earlier than in the past. Usually I join in toward the end :)
Your faves are also my faves. I can't narrow it down to just 1 yet!

kerry said...

I have been watching idol too i think the ones you have chosen are all great.Take care Kerry xx


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