Sunday, September 13, 2009

ABBA Re Bjorn

A rare night out!!
Jack & I decided to take ourselves off for a girls night out to see:
ABBA ReBjorn!!!
We were amoungst 10year olds to 90 year olds!!
They all came out to play last night!!!
Here i am ready to go!!

Here is Jack & I before the 3 cruisers each.
ready for a fun night!!
We were sitting across from Shirley and Norma
they may have been anywhere between 70-85!! lol
Here are the entertainment!!!
The girls looked the part, but the guys!! OMG!!!
Bjorn had the worst wig ever and Benny was just so damn ugly!!!
Jack & I got up and danced for most of the night!!
And here we are after the 3 cruisers!!
Mine were blue ones, can you tell???? lol
It was a great night!!

1 comment:

Jackie / Kate said...

very flattering photo Jode !!!! Thanks for

yeah 3 cruisers....are we cheap drunks or what ????? Had a great night !! xx


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