Saturday, October 6, 2007

Day 108 - Still sick!!!

Hi all.... had to make todays photo black and white to cover the bloodshot eyes, red nose and blotchy skin. Still crook and i look it!!!

Isnt dd gorgeous though.......

She was playing with my camera this morning and i found this when i downloaded tonights photos.... so i will show everyone!!!

Look at that office behind her!!! Theres two people in this tiny room running 4 businesses.... one a multi million doallar one!!!! (Not ours though - bumma!!!)

Been working on my OTP item for the cyberscraps design team submission.

And heres the desk!!!! The desk which i also run two businesses from.... Its a worry!!!

Oh, stop by arty amandas blog to see the giant cow!!! It came from me!!!! Congrats on the opening of scrappycow ladies!!!
Gotta finish this thing, so im off now... no news anyway!!
Good night!!

1 comment:

kerry said...

wow this is great jodi so old fashioned looking i love it.

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