Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 115 - Cybercrop Weekend!!

This weekend there was a cybercrop at my home shop of Cyberscraps!!. Its not really my home as i am not a DT or anything, but it is the site I feel most comfortable on and the girls all think in a similar way and we are all very excepting of everyones differences which is totally great!!!
There were three challenges:
No 1 was to use green and orange......
Im upto these photos now as i try to scrap in order - its the only way to get my albums done. If i continue to just scrap the great photos i love, than the boys wouldnt be in any of the albums - which isnt what this is about for me! I want my albums to be a diary of our lives - something to look at when im old and demented so i can remember the fun we had!!!
So this was challenge 1: "Drag Racer"... Its the hubby!!

Challenge n2 two was to draw something, do some pen work.... doodling, stitching.... So I drew some smoke with white chalk... again something different... Im a individual!!!

This one is called "Smoke It".. Like dah!!! I hand drew the title as well.

This one is my favorite!! I totally love these new fancy pants papers, that were in the sissy pack this month!!!

Challenge three was to do a non photo layout!! Using the scrapoholic chipboard shape as inspiration... This one is titled:

"My name is Jodi and Im a scrapoholic" and these are a few of my favorite things...

I love this layout with the lace, and bling... so pretty and femine and me!!!

I was taking the photo for today and had a look around at the garden and i was so lovely I took a photo to show you. Some days the colours are just so fresh and lovely!!!

And this is todays photo!! I know, they are so unoriginal lately!! I'll think of something different soon, i promise!!! But i am still doing them and thats the important thing!!

Seeya tomoora!!!

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