Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 110 - Dont know about you, but Im sick of my face!!!

For something a little different today, i took a bit of a profile....

Just saw that the peaks are up on the sissy site for the October stuff! Looks totally hot!!! Im jsut about through Spetembers pack - only a few bits and pieces to go....

Did my ironing today and bought some advertising time on a new plazma screen thats being placed in our local doctors surgery. Have to see how it goes. We are locked in for two years - so I certainly hope it pays for itself!!! Should do during wedding season!!

And thats about it for me today. Im planning on doing some scrapping tonight. theres nothing on TV. but i tend not to watch it now - i watch big brother relisgiously and thats it for me and TV. Although I watch all the DVDs released. Thats my reward for ironing, I watch a DVD at the same time..... Works for me!!!

Seeya tomorra

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