Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boy, did we eat well again last night!!!

How excited was i to get a phone call from one of my bestest buds Jack, to come over their place for lamb shanks for tea!!!

Between you and Me,these are the hubbys fav food!!! So of course we were there!!! Craig is totally the best cook. And so great to watch while he cooks and serves up!! That in itself is entertaining enough - but then we actually get to EAT it!!!

Last night was no dissappointment either. SO totally Yummy!!

Heres Craig serving up!

And this is what we were FORCED to eat!! Hard work, but someone has to do it? The problem was, there was no time to chew, as as soon as you got the food in your mouth, it all melted away and there was no need to chew it!!! Very dissapointing.... NOT!!!

Great for those like me that dont have any teeth!!

Even the mashed potaote was perfect!!!
Then after that endulgence, we were forced to ea Jacks triffle!!! It tasted like Christmas!! It was so lovely!!!
Jack & Craig are the best hosts. You know how some people just know how to entertain...... thats what they are. I cant do the whole entertaingin thing. I get so bogged down in the feeding of everyone - i forget to have fun. SO I dont do it very often. Im thinking though, to be fair, maybe i could do a chineese takeaway night.. That could be fun!!!

DD joined us through the night when she finished work and started playing with my camera. I like this photo!!

Then when i got home, with a few drinks under the belt - I decided to play dressups!!!

Also yesterday, I was out admiring our gorgeous garden!!!
Look that these fluffy trees!! Dont know there real name!! LOL

These are the fluffy trees flowers - see they are fluffy!!!

This is our Chinese Jasmine Vine, so lovely in scent!!!
This is today photo - day 123!!!
Im stopping to smell the flowers!! LOL

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