Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day 106 - A Varied Day!!

Well, I had a varied day today. I woke up with a cold... blocked nose, runny nose, blocked nose..... make up your mind!!! Watery eyes, bit of a cough, sore body, aching teeth... and guess what i did at 6.00am this morning.... Woke up and walked up to the lookout!! Yes, sucker for punishment arnt i??

Went up the street and found Mum, so we decided to do lunch at the Verdict. I had a vegitarian Quishe and salad! How yummy!!! Than..... shhhhh, I had some caramel marshmellow slice and yes it was a yummy as it sounds!!!! LOL

Came home and caught up on 3 months of paperwork!!!! How boring!! But its done now.... hence my photo for today!!!

Seeya tomorra

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