Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Movie Weekend

Everyone in the family was off doing their own thing this weekend, and i was home alone... The scrapping bug just hadnt bit me, and i was so bored!!! I went and talked to the horses, but they didnt have much in the way of conversation happening, so i decided to head to the movies to see a couple of films that i had been pestering numerous family members to see with me.. But alas, i went alone....

The first was
"Its Complicated"
This movie was laugh and snort out loud hilarious!!!
Im usually not a huge fan of Alex Baldwin, i think he is a bit of a sleeze, and he totally is in this movie too, but so funny!!!
The guy behind me was cacking himself laughing!!
There is no sudject of grounds...
Including the "Your vagina will close up if you don't have sex" myth!!
If you want a good belly laugh, go and see this!!!
Meryl Streep is so loveable in this movie too!

Then i hung around and saw
"The lovely Bones"
I read some reviews and with most book to film movies, its always very controversial. Some reviews people loved it, some thought it was lacking...
I enjoyed it, but alot of the emotion in the book wasnt in the movie. And to tell you the truth, i kinda didnt even shed a tear and i totally expected to ball my eyes out!!!
But, I think each person sees things differently, maybe if i was in a different frame of mind it would have been better.

The Tooth Fairy!!
Emelia and i went to see this today....
What a cute movie!!
The scorpion king plays really good kids movies!!!
Funny, sweet and it has a moral to it like all good kids movies!!
Dont try to destroy peoples dreams!!!


passion4pink said...

Like you, I was bored yesterday too but I sat around and watched DVD's not much else. Geez your'e better than me don't think I could go to the ovies on my own I 'd have to drag someone along, maybe I ll try it next time. Tamworth has a really nice cinema too.

Joanne said...

Its complicated is on my watch list with all about Steve and What happened to the Morgans. You must have been bored to watch two movies in a row. I hope you have a more interesting day today.

phillipa said...

Glad you enjoyed the movies Jode. I go on my own all the time cause I can never find anyone to go with me. Mostly it's on the spur of the moment!

lindy said...

Jode what a great day you had a t the movies love to see It's Complicated sounds like a hoot...not sure about Lovely bones but could be interesting ...nice to have a day with M

Ness said...

What a busy weekend you ended up having Jodi, good on ya going it alone to the movies. Love Ness xx

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