Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seizure of Koala Population from Gunnedah's Waterways Wildlife Park

The following is my personal view.
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I have no personal involvement in this situation, and am basing my opinion on the views and comments by others in the paper, tv and internet and from conversations with community members in the know.
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Anyone thats been following my blog for a while
will know that Gunnedah
prides itself on out Koala population
We are the Koala Capital.
We have a champion for the Koalas in Gunnedah also
in the form of
Nancy & Col Small of Waterways Wildlife Park.
Nancy & Col have been looking after sick and injured wildlife
in Gunnedah for over 30 years
and formed a local tourists attraction
Waterways Wildlife Park.

ABC News North west Says

"The owner of the Waterways Wildlife Park, on the Oxley Highway near Gunnedah, says she does not know why the RSPCA has removed her entire population of koalas.

Three inspectors, a national parks ranger, two veterinarians and a film crew arrived at the park, home to more than 100 native animals, on Wednesday morning.

Six hours later they left with eight koalas.

One of the park's volunteers, Shirley George, says the inspectors toured the entire park and had been there nine days earlier."

Thats right, on Wednesday the entire Koala population was removed from the park by RSPCA inspectors followed by a camera crew from RSPCA's Animal Rescue Show on 7.

With no warning, inspectors came and tore Nancy's favourite animals from her arms and have taken them away saying that the animals are "under stress"
Apparently there was an anonymous tip off weeks before.
You know, Im probably wrong, but recently we had a film crew located at the Waterways Wildlife park, when they were filming Paul Hogans movie Charlie & Boots.
I wonder if someone on that production team also works for the 7 Network, saw a great opportunity for some drama on Animal Rescue
and maybe the suggestion was made that the Koalas there needed looking at.
It just seams so strange that for 30 years, these salt of the earth people, have been using their own funds and some help from local producers to help native animals, and then no sooner is Gunnedah in the lime light and this happens.
No other animals were removed, just the Koalas.
There are many other native animals out there, with a baby wombat being born just before Christmas.
If you think this is unfair,
you can support the cause for Waterways
by joining a facebook group here
You can also leave messages with Animal Rescue here
There are other suggestions on the facebook page of how you can help the cause.
Google Waterways Wildlife Park and get some more info on the place and see what a beautiful environment it is. Yes its a bit dry at the moment, but its dry all over and hey, we do have the highest Koala population in Australia, so maybe the koalas thrive in this environment.
I also can expect the the RSPCA can no longer expect any donations from the North West if this is how they choose to spend the precious donations!!

Photos courtesy of About
and the Waterways Wildlife Facebook Supporters photo album.


Brenda said...

I think the whole thing is discusting, if there was something wrong with the way Nancy cared for her animals then why didn't they remove ALL the animals and not just the Koala's ? I agree someone in all their wisdom thinks it's a great idea to create a bit of drama all for the sake of a TV show!
Any time I've been to the park with my family, the animals were all well cared for and healthy! The whole thing is Pathetic!

EricOneill_13 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
EricOneill_13 said...

My most sincere apologies for providing a rational argument that is based on fact and not ignorance. Know that the mindless emotion of those who say and don't do anything about it doesn't fix anything.


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