Thursday, December 20, 2007

Day 184 - Finally a day to get the house clean.... and what am i doing???? Not Cleaning

Look, I realise this - Im my own worst enemy!!!

Finally I get a day to get the house clean and instead what i am doing? Im sending all my recent layouts into the Mags and im blogging!! This is the last thing to do and then its onto the mop and bucket!!!!

This is day 184 of the 365 day challenge... out in the garden!!! I have my lovely cool cotton shirt that Sturt calls my maternity dress on. You've seen the fashion... How come the lovely cool smocks look so lovely on skinny women and just look like maternity outfits on fat women!!! Ive told Stu live with it - its cool and im cleaning!!!!

I was looking at Kerrys blog the other day and loved the way she has her layouts done with close ups.. So i copied - hop you dont mind Kerry!! I can do anything with Microsoft Picture-It Publishing , who needs Adobe photoshop.....

This is a layout that i have been doing over the last couple of days. Some silly photos of emelia that i decided were worthy of a layout. This was using the November Sissy pack which was SO CUTE!!! I lvoe those Craftty Original Chipboard Frames.....Too cute. I used Kindy glitz on it...

So, thats my day so far.... of to clean the bathrooms now - I hate that job so I will do it first and get them out of the road... Then I have to wrap pressies before school finishes tomorrow!!!

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Meg Barnden-Hyde said...

Oh my god... Love the way you have showcased your layout in this post. It looks so good!!!!
If you like any of my layout copy them. That's why I put them on my blog. Even if you only take one idea away from the layout that's fine.
Cleaning -I am so far behind in mine. Tomorrow I've got to get into it ready for Christmas.. so much to do so little time. I really hate cleaning and I'm with you I would do anything else then bathrooms Yuck!!! Think of me when I'm cleaning the bathrooms tomorrow.
Cheers Meg

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