Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 165 - Stormy Sunday

We woke up listening to the light rain this morning and it was beautiful. But unfortunately for my sleep in, the drags were on, so I was woken when DH got out of bed.... I had no book to read to entice me to stay in bed and so I was up for the day.

This is what it looked like out at the drags this arvo. It seamed to rain everywhere else around Gunnedah except at the airport, which all the Draggers were thankful for....

This is my daily photo for day 165..... Out in the wind watching the drags

Here is my handsome baby boy...... Finally able to drag!!!!! He went well, doing the 1/8th mile in about 10 secs. Hes only on a 250cc motorbike, so thats pretty good for him.

Here is the father/son team lining up at the start

ANd my handsome DH...... wait till he takes the helmet off..... hes even spunkier!!

DS at the start

ANd the line up..

The girls had a very sad day yesterday. Daph is off to Brisbane to live and leaving all her friends behind. There were lots of tears. Good Luck in the big city Daph!!

Seeya tomorrow

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