Saturday, December 22, 2007


A very big exciting day today!!!

First of all, the introduction letter went out to Cyberscraps subscribers today annoucing my arrival!! thats very exciting!! Here is the link Check it out!!

We went to Jack and Craigs place last night for a chrissy get together. it was a lovely pleasant night out.

We exchanged our pressies - I opened mine from Brenda. It was so nice and a new tradition amoungst us friends.

The little bobble is the container for a gift which should be rotated between a group of friends each year. Brenda gave me a little friendship rose pendant in the bobble and then next year i pass the bobble onto the next friend with something special inside for them to keep - but the bobble gets passed on again!! isnt that a wonderful new tradition!!

Jack and Craig gave us a huge tower of what i suspect will be lollies and chocies... YUMO!!! But i think i will keep that a secret until christmas day - otherwise they will be gone.....

Anyway, today we celebrated christmas with Mum and Ken. What a lovely night. I spent the whole day cooking up a storm. Good thing i also ordered a cool rainy day for it to keep the temperature down in the kitchen!!!

We actually got 73mm of rain today!!! the back yard is flooded. WE ahve a levy bank out the back of our house which really got quite messed up last storm - but this time it trashed it and we have a river complete with waterfall running through our back shed. Its actually my storage shed. it has all my old novels, cloths and kids toys out there..... Hmmm, i dont know if i want to see the damage!!!

But anyway, back to the christmas day thing......

Here is my daily photo Day 186.... Cooking up a storm!!
We set the table and lit cadles to create albiance.... very noice!!!

We feasted on rost pork and lamb with gravy, mint and apple sauces... all the veges... it was lovely - then Mum also made caramel and lemon marange pies... Yummy!!!

Here are the love birds. It was so nice for mum to be celebrating a lovely christmas with someone she loves so much. Its great to see them both so happy!!

Of course there were the usual tea time antics..

Then came time to do the pressie thing....
Mum loved her teddy bear. On the card i wrote "To little Margie, get well soon, love Santa", as the little bear Mum wanted so much is a get well soon bear - but he is wearing the cutest bunny slippers!!!!

After the exchange of gifts, Mum entertained the troupes with her hilarious rendition of Jingle Bells..... Between much laughter Im still not sure if we manged to belt the whole song out or not!!!

Ken then serended us with the real thing. he plays so beautifully. And it was evidence that emelias guitar does actually work and isnt broken like she tells us!!

Not to be shown up... Mum then joined Ken in the playing.....

All in all it was a lovely christmas celebration.....
Till tomorrow
Have a great night

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