Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yay!! Scrapbook ALL DAY!!!

There really is more to this layout than meets the eye and i will add a pull out card when i put it in the album.
The title "Who needs a boyfriend when i have Pancakes".
At the bottom theres my fav quote relating to this by Bacon "Why dont you wag again so your mum buys you another rabbit"
DD got mixed up in the "wrong growd" and had an unfavorable boyfriend. As her relationships werent lasting more than two weeks, i decided a rabbit would distract her for that time. It worked!! The boy dissappeared but the rabbit remains!!!
Heres by photo for the day Day 164..... Next to the orange blossom. I love theor scent...

The grasshopper was so TINY!!! I really had difficulty getting the micro on the camera focused.

More scrapping to be done now.
Hubbys at the Drags and i have been told not to head out yet as its so wet. Theres no balloon jobs today, DS is at work and DD is at the pool. So thats leaves me alone for a few hours....
WHat am i doing on here then!! Time to get more scrapping done!!!

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