Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh!!!

Today is Joshuas 17th bithday!!!! Happy Birthday Mate!!!

Its hard to believe - only one more year and his 18 and i remember like yesterday when he was a tiny baby in my arms....
He was such a cute little baby and so smart..... Now look at him... all grown up. Its hard to believe he is a man now. He rides his motorbike everywhere and has his own money from working. Starting year 12 work now.... all soon he will be gone.....

Look, back then even Stu had hair!!!
Josh loved to play dressups. He was something different everyday. He would say Mum, Im batman today ok.... Or Mum i want to be a bikymice (remember them) They were mice that rode motorbikes. They were a short lived cartoon but Josh loved them.... Hey he rides one too now!!!!
I would have to make his cotumes all the time. My favorite was Mighty Mouse and he wore oven mits on his feet, a tea towel cape and his undies on over his shorts!! Too cute!!!

My Day 172 photo is at the Archery Titles. I won by division and have a trophey... See!!!

I was also nomiated for the new coveted trophey of Party Animal of the Year. SO was Stu, but we lost out to old timer Steve and new comer Anne!!!! Gotta work on that for next year!!
Stu won Club person of the year - he was nomited by his peers and voted in. he did alot of work on the ranges this year.

So that was my Saturday. Thanks for stopping by..

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