Saturday, December 15, 2007

DAY 179 - Late Night Scrapping

Ive just very reluctantly scrawled out of bed, after the whipper snippers in the neighbourhood started!!!
Was up till after 12 scrapping last night - i know - i totally have NO life!!!
There was a cybersrop at chookscraps last night - so i joined it. Its been very lonely at cyberscraps, so i decided to have a look around for some action and found that.

So this is me this morning - with morning hair and dark eyes, just out of bed in my nightie!!! Bit of a different look - hey???

But this is the lovely layout i did last night. it looks similar to others i ahve done using this creative imaginations range - but with such similar items - its hard to get them looking unique...

Challenge one was to have a circle on the page, have leaves (plural) and something green. So i have circles, the metal leaves at the bottom and the eye of the dove is green.... This layout is called "Is this love" and has the lyrics by Whitesnake..

This is the other layout I finished last night..... One more of the rabbit... Little Big Smoocher...
The journalling around the circle is a very bad poem I wrote about him....

So there is may Saturday as at 10.03am!! DS is at work, Dh and DD have gone christmas shopping and im sitting here with all my firends in my jarmies!!! Like I said, I totallu have NO life!!! But I like it this way!!!

1 comment:

Kat Browne said...

Love the pages hun, they're beautiful!

Great pic of you, too. I know it's all bed hair and whatever, but who needs perfectly made up photos, anyway? Real photos are always the ones loved more in the long term!

Sorry to hear Cyberscraps is so sleepy lately, hopefully it's just everyone frantically trying to organise Christmas (like me lol)

Staying up till 12 is no life? Umm, we've been hitting the sack at around 1-2am... so you're not alone! When else can you scrap without drops of sweat falling on the page?

Have a great night!


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