Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolutions.....

Day 195 of the 365 day challenge.. New Years Eve or not, its still Monday which is cleaning day!!! But I had some help today from my DD who was earning money to go out tonight!! So it didnt take that long....

My hubby (darling man he is) decided to take my daily photo for me by surprise while i was cleaning and wearing my happy face!! Yeh, right - happy face - NOT!! I hate cleaning!!!

Here i am doing he bathroom!!

Here is a cute balloon delivery i did through the week. Like the big dummy!!!

And another delivery i did through the week. the big dahlai bunch!! So cute and bright for a 90 year old!!

Now for the serious side.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary for my blog. I actaully started it to track my goals....
I had a list of them for 2007. Here they are again...

My Goals for 2007

  • Reach my goal weight
  • Compete at the National Archery Titles in Wagga Wagga, in A grade and win it!!!
  • Compete in the Australian IFAA Archery Titles in A grade and finish in the top 5. I won the World IFAA titles last year in my division competing in B grade.
  • Have a scrapbooking layout published in one of the top 3 magazines

Well, I wasnt very successful - although i would class 2007 as a successful year in other ways.

  • I didnt reach my goal weight, Infact, I am probably going into 2008 heavier than 2007!! not by much but these last few months have been a bit of a nightmare!!!
  • I didnt compete at the National Titles in A grade. But i did finish in the top three for ABA anyway as there are NO A grade lady shooters and there havnt been for many years. I did finish thrid in ABA and first in 3d and won a position on the National 3D team and won. So all in all that goal - even though i didnt achieve A Grade, i still went well so that ones ok.
  • I didnt compete in IFAA at all this year.
  • I still havnt had a layout published, although i did make it to a design team...

So I suppose things arent too bad. But I do have other goals for this year...

  • I still would like to have layouts published in magazines and i am going to have a go at the Masters.
  • I will set the more realistic goal of losing 10 kilos this year.
  • I would like to compete competitively in IFAA archery. Ive lost interest in ABA.
  • I would like to be avble to emotionally support my son through his HCS and get a better understanding of how the system works.
  • Actually survive my daughters progression into adulthood!!! Shes so going to kill me!!!
  • Continue to uild my businesses.

I think thats about it.

Im not going out tonight, Both the kids are out doing there thing. Stu and i are staying in. Im joining the rest of the ladies needing therapy tonight at the new year cybercrop at scrap therapy!!!

Happy New Year to all and the very best of happiness to you and your family for 2008!!!

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kerry said...

Hey Jodi good to see that some of your goals were met i have to set mine for next year too.Have a good night tonight catch you in the new year.Love Kerry

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