Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 279...

Well, i did get my "sleep" in.... But i didnt get to read though... gonna go to bed and do that now.. when i finish here....
I did manage to get the ironing done and 3 layouts, so i cant be too upset about my day off!!
I did take to phone off the hook though.... I am so over that phone!!!
Just because i have a business based at home doesnt mean i work 24/7!!! What is it with people!!!

Anyway, here is my daily photo... day 279.
See, I did manage to shower and do my hair today...

Here is one of my layouts... This is from Pips March pack.... I dont mind it... its easy these packs.. brain dead stuff. It great as all the planning is done, all i have to do is cut & paste!!! lol
Ok, thats it for today.. off to bed to read for a while now.... night!!

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