Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 284... Running a bit late tonight

Evening All.... Running a bit late tonight
Been a huge day, in more ways that one.....

I totally hate my hair down!! Always have. But i do love long hair as there are no such things as bad hair days...... So there you have it, a first hand view of up and down!! I much prefer up!!
Here are photos of 2 of the 5 functions i did today!! From kids partys to weddings....
Some arhes for a 21st...
And some balloons for a 60th!!!

Now, im not going to talk about the dramas today one this worldwide forum....... but im doing heaps of research and learning heaps.......
Suffice to say..... everything thats been going on lately has lead to this..... Even a blind man could see it!!!
WIsh us luck!!!
Seeya tomorrow!

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