Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 269.... One more sleep

God, I am so exhausted!!!
I have a cold now and have been sniffling sneezing and blowing all day!!!!
Didnt get any sleep last night
Cleaning and finalising all day today!!!
I have taken some pills to try to get a decent sleep tonight as i am up early to do decorations to the Golden slipper raqce day tomorrow...
Then I have a little girls birthday
Then decorations for a wedding
And then i can concentrate on my party!!!!

Here is todays photo... taken this morning.... Day 269

Look what the lovely Judy form Marianne Florists bought me today!!! Isnt it beautiful!!! Its a gift from the lovely girls at CyberScraps!!!!
Its a shame they cant make it to the party = but it is hugelky busy for them all with lost of scrapping opportunities being presented lately!!!

Here is my son!! Do you know how HARD it is to get this kid to have his photo taken!!
He is off to the Deb ball tonight!!!

So, thats it for me...
I'll have some lovely photos for you tomorrow including my beautiful cake!!!

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