Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 283...... Dont forget CyberScraps on-line class tonight

Here is the layout we are doing.... :New Beginnings"....
The pack is availble from CyberScraps for $18 and the class is free... Bargain!!!

Here it is open.....
This is my daily photo.... day 283.......
Had coffee with Brenda today, Jack couldnt make it as she was very very busy making the nicest looking birthday cakes!! Amaising!!!!

We also had Hol over for a visit today. Her brother decided to get drunk on a bottle of panadol unscrewing the "Childproof" lid and downing the hole bottle!!!! So off they went to the hospital and Hol stayed for a visit. Shes so smart this kid!! I was amaised at her sense of direction. From her low spot in the car - no car seat!! She knew exactly where we were at any given time!! Thats wonderful for a "nearly" 4 year old!!!
Here is my darling daughter and her posing for photos!!! Too cute!!

And cheryl... so many nicknames.... cheryl (as in feral cheryl), ratta, milly, possom, milsey... and the list goes on... fred was another one...

I couldnt believe the birds in these trees this morning.. boy were they noisy!!!! This is the tree i always take my dai8ly photo under. We live in a suburban street and look at the size of it!! Stu planted it on the sewer drain and wonders why its alway blocking up... His response was "Look at the size of the tree though..." Yes dear!!! :)
Thats it for today.. talk tomorra

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Kaysie said...

Awwee look at my little princess. LOL.. She is bloody too clever for her own good I tell you. She looks after me. If ever I forget to put her seat belt on or I dont have mine on she gives me a serve. LOL..

Thanks again for today. Im sure Ill be doing lots more hospital trips with that little bugger of mine.. LOL.


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