Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 273... Looking my age!!! LOL

A little comic relief!!
Here I am on day 273 looking my age!!! I still havnt taken those decos down, might as well use them for something!!!

I did a little retail therapy yesterday and bought the first charm for my pendora. The pendora already has a pink stone, so i got a green one....
I have made a few bids on ebay for some beaded ones.... I just know im not going to stop until its full!!!! Thanks girls!! But honestly, what a fantastic gift!!! I would never have thought of it, infact i didnt even know they exsisted at all!!! But now I do!!! :)
Lets see what tomorrow brings.... seeya then....
Hi Julie!!


Kaysie said...

I sent you an email with some info...

I still want that photo of flat hair. LOL.

kerry said...

that braclet is adorable Jodi.take care Kerry xx

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