Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 282..... New Pandora!!!!

Look at all my gorgeous new pandora i bought on ebay.... ok, most of them arnt pandora - a couple are... but mostly another brand... The Beads are a real bead....
(Dont take any notice of the bible one... that was a freeby and you'll notice it didnt end up on my bracelet!!)
I dont want to mislead poeple into thinking am a bit religious. I mean personally, if thats one persons believe system than thats great for them, its good to have it.. but due to past events in my life, i no longer have any kind of religious belief system. My faith is in my husband and kids, my baby brother and Kel his wife, my mum and ken... family and friends.. those are the things that mean to most to me and what i have put my faith in..... (Long winded explanation for a bead is it not??)

Here is what they all look like on.... Just over one week to fill it.... But i also get a freeby bracelet with my many bead purchases, so i am thinking i will break them down into two now, as i ahve nore glass beads heading my way!!!

Here is todays photo.... The day has not long started and for the first time in a long time, i have nothing booked in... so im scrapping as soon as i finish here.
Hubby and son are off to a bike rally thingying in Casino this weekend - so its just the girls.. Might do the pictures and some shopping, but mostly scrapping.
Oh and i started reading this dreadful book this morning that i know will get finished while the boys are away..... Its called Broken its about the one of the worst cases of child abuse.....

Here is another layout for Cyberscraps. Can you notice that i am using up a heap of old supplies with these layouts. This is challenge 9 in the celebrate 2008 challenge.... The topic is How are you earning a crust this year. well technically, i aint gettin no bread.... but it is giving me some crumbs to support my habit.....

Here is another bag lasy photo for Brenda.... they are coming together now. Should have enough for a layout soon....

Wish me happy scrappin.....
Have an awesome weekend with Keith Brenda.... we all envy you!! Give him a huge passionate kiss from me and give nicole a slap is she has a problem with it!!!!..... Im so GREEN with envy!!!


Lisa A said...

HI Jodi,
My name is Lisa Ashman, I have been following your blog since Day 1, just wanted to say you are an amazing woman, I just love that book you did for your daughter, she will love you for it, I can remember being her age and fighting with my mother too, but we love each other very much, i think its just a mother/daughter thing that happens, anyway keep up all that great scrapbooking and ballooning its great..I look forward to tomorrows blog. Lisa A

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi,

We will have too make time to visit the jewellers in Port whilst you are here dropping Avril off! They keep them in stock, I know you have filled one already but they are so interchangeable that you go mix & match as you like!
Love Ya Kell

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