Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 274.... Things are looking brighter

Well, things are looking a bit brighter today. Thanks so much to all for your support and encouragement....
I shouldnt share my personal life with the world (hence the removal) but sometimes, unexpected help can from for unexpected places... as it has done.. so thank you!!!!

Still trying to catch up with life... I have two weddings on this weekend, which i still have to prepare for.. but mostly im organised.

Gotta go to Tamworth tomorrow to make an arch at Harvey Norman.

This is my photo for today... day 274. Wearing my new earings and my pendora complete with another 2 charms!! See i told you i wont stop until its full!!!!

This photo is just for Kaysie. She wants to see me with my hair out and no puffy fringe.... So Kaysie here it is.... see, it looks better up!!! To tell you the truth, I cant stand it down and in my face!!!

And here are my new two charms... The glass one is actually a light green.... The chineese one is happines...... I was looking for hope, but they didnt have one....

Ok, thats my day.... working on my March class tonight.... hopefully be ready soon!!!

1 comment:

Kaysie said...

OMG I love your hair out.. Can i see it up in pony but no puffy fringe LOL


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