Saturday, June 2, 2012


Its been a little while since I have updated my blog
It gets a bit busy with the shop
and everything that's going on there.
And with out Emelia at home bring excitement
and drama, it all gets a little boring!

So I just thought I would share some photos and the story of
Emelia's horse she is working on.

This is Diamond..

She is a stock horse quarter horse cross
ans is about 3 years old i think?
She was broken in last year at the campus
and as part of the Cert IV the kids get to educate their horses
and then do the show circuit.
So Diamond was broken in 
as in some one managed to put a saddle on her back
but all the hard stuff, the mouthing and education has been done by Emelia.
Here she is after a bath..

So a little bit of an idea what she was dealing with with Diamond!
This horse is really hard work!
She is not at all quiet!
To put a rug on her they had to hobble her.
To do her main and shaving her face they had to hobble, nose twitch and any number of methods to make her stand still.
Emelia had to shoe Diamond and she remained shoe less at the back feet for a while after Emelia coped a good kick making her too scared to go near her back legs!!!

When first starting to ride Diamond, she would buck!!!
Emelia would have to buck her out before she would do anything else and not once has Emelia come off.
I put this down to the wonderful training from Solo
who was always so completely unpredictable!

But with alot of work, and a hell of alot of love
Diamond has made it to show stage...

Some days she listens, and other days she doesn't....

She is learning to trust Emelia, and Emelia has even cracked a whip from her back!
Massive thing!

And now this last few weeks is show time!!
All the months and months of work are being put into practice!

Emelia is competing in the Equestrian Events.
Diamonds first event out was the Hack in her division and she came out with a second place
in a ring of 9 competitors!
And she has won a string of ribbons since...

I am hugely excited that tomorrow I leave to Emerald to go see Emelia and Diamond in the Emerald Show!
I cant wait to meet Diamond!

 And there is one other person I have to meet to......


 Apparently Shauny is Emelia's forever.......
Stu met him last year, and though he was a great bloke!
(Big words from Stu's mouth)
But I know he makes Emelia happy which is what its all about!
Hopefully at the end of next week I will have some show photos for you!!!

Seeya xx


Anonymous said...

Diamond is a great looking horse. I think Emelia has done a fantastic job (thanks to all the practice with Solo, lol!). She looks very happy with Shauny. I think she might be right. He could be here Mr Forever. They look happy. Good luck to Diamond at the Emerald Show. Hugs, Jules. xxx

annette said...

Awesome work by Emelia with Diamond .. have the best time with your DD & her man Jodes !!! cheers X:)


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