Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Busy Day

Here is a study of Flowers we had to do for a challenge with Scrap with V .
Mine is the life stages of a gravilia....

DDs School had their sports carnival today.... Doncha just love sports day fashion!!!

And the hair do!!!
Been a busy day today. Started with Breakie with Jack & Brenda at the Verdict, at which time i actually booked in four functions!! Honestly, the beet business is done while having coffee at the verdict! Its the equivilant to going to the pub to drum up business over a beer for a bloke!!
Lots of running around this arvo...... my feet didnt hit the groud... I also went for my walk and then organised balloons for a funeral.... Huge Day!!!
SO, now im gonna have my hot choccie o points and choc chip bikkies 2 points... and go to bed!!!

Update on the weight loss thing though:
Been great!! Even breakie was worked into the points and i still didnt use all those points i have saved already this week... And the scales say a 1.7kg loss so far!! Not bad for a few days work!!


Brenda said...

Hey congratulations of getting a few layouts accepted in a mag.
Love the war paint on Emelia.

Lisa A said...

Amelia looks like a war queen, you go Amelia i hope you won lots of awards, great going with the weight loss, keep it up, and Kosmo says thanks for the birthday wishes

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